Enter The World Gate

For those of you out there that don’t know, DV Magic Services is continuing growth as an entertainment company by producing our very first movie.

The only issue that I’ve noticed is that this movie is just a bit more expensive than we have the funds to create. The way to correct that would be to either not make the movie or increase the prices of the other services that I offer.

I’ve opted for option three. Ask for the friendly patronage of those out there who would like to bridge the gap in my funds and the funds required for making my movie. If we can hit our goal, you’ll be seeing DV Magic services on the big screen in 2018 (hopefully).

Please click here to donate to our cause.

Balloon Class Registration

Here it is, the much anticipated balloon folding class. I’ve mentioned this to many of you at various events. I’m teaching at the Pewaukee Public Library on December 29th.

The class is limited to just the first 20 people who register. I just ask that people who are interested be in at least 4th grade. The class is free, and all the balloons are provided for you. I plan to teach at least 5 balloons. More if we have the time.

Please Register today.

Balloon Folding Class

Ever need something to do in the middle of winter? Well this December 29th I will be doing a free Balloon Folding class through the Pewaukee public library. The class will be for 15-20 teens and children. I will be teaching 5 to 10 different shapes, depending on time. All supplies for the class will be provided. I hope we fill it up.

Waukesha County Fair 2016

I will be performing all five days at the Waukesha County Fair this year, July 20th through the 24th. Please come out to the fair. There are a lot of good shows and merchants there this year. While you’re there, check out my close up magic and get a balloon animal for the kids.

It only costs $10 per adult to get in and only $5 for kids. Parking is only $5. It’s well worth it to come out for all the fun and games at the fair this year.

Kati’s Corral, Breakfast on the Farm

Please join me and Kati’s Corral this Sunday for Breakfast On The Farm. I’ll be there folding balloons, and performing magic tricks while everyone enjoys some real farm style country breakfast.

Breakfast On The Farm

We had a fantastic turnout for breakfast. Thank you to those that made it out. Once again I would like to extend my thanks to everyone that put forth all the hard work to make this breakfast a real success.

Smart Cow in Menomonee Falls

Please feel free to stop by the Smart Cow in Menomonee Falls for some frozen yogurt and some up-close magic. I will be there May 21st and June 18th from 2:00 until 4:00 performing magic and folding balloons for anyone who wants them.

This is a great opportunity to see some of my tricks and walk away with an inflated souvenir all while enjoying the delicious frozen treats of Smart Cow.