Enter The World Gate

For those of you out there that don’t know, DV Magic Services is continuing growth as an entertainment company by producing our very first movie.

The only issue that I’ve noticed is that this movie is just a bit more expensive than we have the funds to create. The way to correct that would be to either not make the movie or increase the prices of the other services that I offer.

I’ve opted for option three. Ask for the friendly patronage of those out there who would like to bridge the gap in my funds and the funds required for making my movie. If we can hit our goal, you’ll be seeing DV Magic services on the big screen in 2018 (hopefully).

Please click here to donate to our cause.


Author: dvmagicservices

I'm a professional magician with skills in close up magic, card magic, balloon artistry, and chemistry/scientific performances with a "magic twist."

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