Shameless Self Promotion

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I have performed table side magic and balloon folding for colleges and eateries. Don’t worry I don’t bring the snakes anywhere near food. In fact, the snakes are only for full shows. They don’t come with me to any of the fairs and festivals that I do year round.

Speaking of fairs and festivals, I have several that I perform at throughout the year, but I’m always looking for more. Being outside, in natural lighting, right in front of you. That’s when magic is the most powerful. That is a true test of your magical chops. It’s the reason all the magic reality shows worked so well.

Imagine going to the fair with the kids, eating your third “deep-fried-something on a stick” and you get approached by a guy with a fantastic hat who blows your mind over and over until you find yourself in desperate need of another beer. Then that same guy walks up to another person and proceeds to do even more tricks. No cameras, no angles, no prep, just “real magic” right before your eyes.

Now let’s take that a step further, Not only do I do shows for businesses and fairs, I also do private shows. I’ll come to your home, and put on a show for you, your friends and family. Heck, I’ll put on a show for your dog if that’s what you want to hire me for.