It’s All Who You Know

Big Guy’s Magic: At Big Guy’s Magic their belief is that customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs. If you are interested in learning magic, balloon folding, or just want to grab a couple gag items to play pranks on your friends, Big Guy can help you out. His online store has over 16,000 items and his shop in Pewaukee is a fabulous place for the magical hobbyist and for professionals alike.

Scott Norris Photography: Emotion. Mood. Feelings. This is what he captures through his photographs. Whether it is landscapes, architecture, still life, or macros – it is a very personal journey as his own fears, triumphs, beliefs, and shortcomings are exposed with each photo.

Spike’s Creations: She has been in the beauty industry since 2003 and has been doing art all her life. The two fields go hand in hand and she enjoys a good creative challenge. Between the salon, the art studio, photo shoots and movie sets – she keeps the right side of her brain very occupied.

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