It’s All Who You Know

Caricatures by Rex: His work has appeared in Local and National Publications. Rex has won awards from The Associated Press and National Caricaturist Network. I’ve worked with him several times before and you’ll definitely be pleased with his fantastic renditions of your persona.

Festivals of Magic: Expect eht Unexpected when Santa and Professor Steampunk get together. These two characters have 80 cumulative years of magic experience up their sleeves and they are both good friends of mine. If for some reason I’m unable to do a show for you, please reach out to these two.

Big Guy’s Magic: At Big Guy’s Magic their belief is that customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs. If you are interested in learning magic, balloon folding, or just want to grab a couple gag items to play pranks on your friends, Big Guy can help you out. His online store has over 16,000 items and his shop in Pewaukee is a fabulous place for the magical hobbyist and for professionals alike.