Getting Involved

We know what you’re thinking, “how can I get involved with this film?” To answer that question, you can help out with small donations to help make this film the best it can be. While we have everyone already ready to jump on ship and film tomorrow we need funding for the final touches to take this film to new heights. Our locations for shooting do not come free and while we already have them chosen we need backing to use the spaces. Furthermore, filming permits (we want to do this legally) and supplies for feeding our cast and crew on set to keep production going. As our location is a bit off the beaten path some travel expenses may be needed to get our cast and crew on location.

While we do have the majority of our funding secured, every little bit helps. Each of you out there can contribute to making this the best Steampunk movie ever.
Each of these items will be given out in as timely a manner as possible. Many of them won’t be available until after filming is complete, like the “Early DVD\BluRay\Digital copy,” while others will be available immediately, like the “Supporters-only Group.”

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