Getting Involved

We know what you’re thinking, “how can I get involved with this film?” To answer that question, you can help out with small donations to help make this film the best it can be. While we have everyone already ready to jump on ship and film tomorrow we need funding for the final touches to take this film to new heights. Our locations for shooting do not come free and while we already have them chosen we need backing to use the spaces. Furthermore, filming permits (we want to do this legally) and supplies for feeding our cast and crew on set to keep production going. As our location is a bit off the beaten path some travel expenses may be needed to get our cast and crew on location.

While we do have the majority of our funding secured, every little bit helps. Each of you out there can contribute to making this the best Steampunk movie ever.
Each of these items will be given out in as timely a manner as possible. Many of them won’t be available until after filming is complete, like the “Early DVD\BluRay\Digital copy,” while others will be available immediately, like the “Supporters-only Group.”

Make a Donation

For those of you who are passionate about this project and making sure the movie is the best it can be, Here's your chance. There are a lot of things we'd like to see with this movie that are being limited by our budget. Click below to make a one time donation to make this movie the best it can be. Just input the amount of money you'd like to donate in one-dollar increments in the quantity below. Thank you again for your continued support


Special Mention

You are the Gears which will help keep the machine going. Every cog and gear, regardless of size, helps the engine to run smoothly. For this donation, you will receive a personal "Thank You" on our Social Media Pages and your name will be listed in the "Special Thanks" Section of the Credits of our film.


Movie Poster

At this level of donation, you will receive a full size (24x36 inch) copy of the official movie poster. There are likely to be multiple versions of this as our creative artists continue to collaborate. You will have your choice of which one you'd like.



You will receive a copy of the movie soundtrack, composed by Chad Canfield (Kenebula Records). You will receive this as both a CD and a digital download.


Early DVD\BluRay\Digital copy

Not only will you get the DVD/BluRay and a digital copy of the movie before it hits stores, but your name will appear in the credits to the film as we thank those who helped make this movie possible.


Attend an Advanced Screening

We will be having multiple advanced screening of this film in different parts of the United States. Here's your chance to secure a ticket for you and a friend to come and see the movie in theatres before everyone else. There will be cast and\or crew attending with you. The specific individuals will depend on where the screening is being done. You will be responsible for transportation to the screening, but you will be able to select from multiple locations to find the one closest to you.


Showcase your Steam

Have you spent years putting together the ultimate steampunk persona? Here's your chance to showcase it on a global scale. You will get to be an extra in the film for at least one scene. If you have a steampunk costume/persona, you may even be able to wear that outfit on set if approved for that scene. You will be responsible for getting to the site of filming, but we will give you ample notice to be able to make it to the set on that day. This is the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience. You'll be bumping shoulders with our actors and crew. You'll work closely with our director and wardrobe department to make sure you fit into the scene as the persona you've spent years creating. Or, if you're new to the scene, we will help you build your very own steampunk self.


Image is Everything

Now you've seen Steampunk, and you want to get involved. There are so many great outfits out there and they're not cheap to make. Here's your chance to join the community at a sprint. With the numerous pieces of surplus outfits and props that will be left over after filming, our sardrobe department will work with you to make a custom, movie quality, steampunk outfit for your next con or invasion. This is great if you're just getting started, or if you just want to add some variety to your persona.