Making Movies

With the help of many other performance professionals, DV Magic Services is producing its first ever feature film.

This is a work of passion for many of us and much of our time is donated. That being said, there are also expenses that we can’t help but have to pay. For that we are reaching out to all of you to help fund this project. If you’d like to get involved with this project, here’s your chance.

Sundering The World Gate is our working title for this film. It is a retelling of the King Arthur Story set in an alternate matriarchal Victorian England. We follow the journey of a young orphan girl, Cielo, as she comes to terms with her real identity as heiress to the throne. She is helped along by a few key friends that she meets along the way and is opposed by the reigning queen and her sorcerous advisor. Join Cielo as she acknowledges her birthright, storms the castle and takes the throne. This is an action fantasy film combining magic, intrigue, and steampunk tech into a glorious hour and a half well spent.

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